About us

At Posterlike, we specialize in creating artistic drawing and illustration workbooks, meticulously designed for enthusiasts and aspiring artists in the world of fine art. Our mission is to provide a unique educational experience through art, combining learning with practice and aesthetic pleasure.

Our books are carefully crafted to inspire and guide artists on their path to mastery of various artistic techniques, with a particular focus on graphite pencil and colored pencil. Through exercises that consist of replicating high-quality illustrations, inspired by the great masters of art, we offer our users an opportunity to improve their drawing and illustration skills in a practical and engaging way.

We understand that art is not only a skill, but also a form of expression and enjoyment. That’s why our books are designed not only to teach, but also to entertain. They are perfect for those who, apart from wanting to develop their technical skills, are looking for a rewarding artistic experience and spectacular visual results.

Our main audience is people who have a marked interest in drawing, illustration, and the desire to hone their artistic skills. At Posterlike, we strongly believe in the power of art to enrich people’s lives, and we strive to make each book a work of art in itself, one that inspires, educates, and delights our readers.

Welcome to Posterlike, where every page is an invitation to explore the art world with passion and excellence.