Learn how to color like a pro. Portraits of girls. Artistic illustration with colored pencil


Inspired by the great masters, this book guides you through practical techniques and exercises to hone your skills, focusing on capturing the essence of girls’ innocence and charm. Bring enchanting portraits to life and discover the artist in you! This collection is perfect for art students, amateurs, and professionals looking for an efficient method of experimentation.

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Bring enchanting portraits to life, with the magic of colored pencil!

This meticulously designed work invites you to explore the world of drawing and coloring through the colored pencil technique, with special emphasis on portraits of girls that capture the essence of their innocence and charm. Inspired by the great masters of art, each exercise guides you through the secrets of lighting, perspective, and texture, allowing you to hone your style and technique with each page.

Develop your artistic skills with the traditional colored pencil or watercolor, experiment and decide which one best suits your style. With full-color references, carry out your practice on grisailles that guarantee the quality of the drawing and bring naturalness to the colors. Complete your work and let your creativity of life, luminosity and a personal touch to each portrait.

Most of the illustrations are made with a base palette inspired by the artist Anders Zorn of four shades: yellow ochre, vermilion or cadmium red, ivory black and the white of the paper and retouching. Despite their apparent simplicity, these four shades offer a wide range of possibilities.

An ideal book for art students, amateurs, and professionals looking for an efficient method of experimenting with new creative solutions to polish their artistic style. Embark on this journey of artistic illustration with colored pencil and let the world witness the evolution of your artistic talent!


Study. Learning Exercises


All Ages


Studio Edition


Bound, Raised, and Stitched




Paperback book



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80 grams white offset paper



21,8 x 21,8 cm