Learn to draw like a pro. Adult Women. Realistic Portraits with Graphite Pencil


With this book, you will not only develop advanced skills in drawing, but you will also enrich your appreciation for the complexity of portraits and the uniqueness of each subject. It’s an investment in your growth as an artist and your journey to mastery. Acquire your copy and start drawing your own portraits that speak and move.

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The Art of Detail – Female Portraits Brought to Life in Graphite

“Learn to Draw Like a Pro. Adult Women. Realistic Portraits with Graphite Pencil” is an essential book for all those looking to capture the complexity and beauty of realistic female portraiture. With 60 detailed drawings, this book will take you on an artistic journey, teaching you to observe and capture the subtleties that define female beauty through the traditional technique of graphite pencil.

Each exercise has been meticulously designed to improve your skill in shading, texture and composition, ensuring that each feature is reproduced with precision and expressiveness. Inspired by the methods of the great masters, you will learn to capture the essence of your subjects, bringing each portrait to life with an emotional depth rarely seen in drawing.

This book is not only a collection of instructions, but an invitation to connect with your art on a deeper level. Whether you’re a passionate beginner or a seasoned artist, you’ll find inspiration and challenges that will propel you to explore new horizons in your artwork. Grab your copy today and start drawing portraits that speak for themselves.

What will you learn in this book?

You will learn the different textures of graphite pencil shading

You’ll draw different types of faces

You’ll shade expressive and poignant portraits

You’ll practice the lights and textures of your portraits to make them visually appealing

You will improve your artistic skills and develop your creativity

You will learn to enjoy the creative process and relax by drawing

What do you need to get started?

Graphite pencils


How long does it take to learn how to draw realistic portraits with graphite pencil?

The time it will take you to learn how to draw realistic portraits with graphite pencil will depend on your skill level and experience. However, with regular practice, you’ll be able to see results in no time.

Start your journey to mastery of realistic graphite pencil portraiture today. Your creative journey awaits!


Study. Learning Exercises


All Ages


Studio Edition


Bound, Raised, and Stitched




Paperback book



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80 grams white offset paper



21,8 x 21,8 cm