Libro dibujo científico de dinosaurios y robots

Dinosaurs. Secret Project

In the secretive laboratories of GEESAUR, prehistory intertwines with the digital age by creating the Cyborg and Mutant Dinosaurs: majestic cloned or robotic creatures that emerge as an unprecedented threat to humanity. These books reveal their essence to you, but you play a crucial role: through realistic and scientific reproductions and their subsequent dissemination, you have the power to alert and prepare the world for this terrible challenge.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating prehistoric world with these scientific drawing workbooks for shading or coloring, designed for beginners and experienced artists alike. Each double-page spread features a detailed drawing of a Dinosaur on the left, serving as a model, and a grisaille on the right page for you to practice and perfect your drawing or coloring technique.

What is Scientific Drawing?

Scientific drawing is characterized by being a meticulous and detailed art, an essential tool that allows scientists and enthusiasts alike to explore and understand the complexity and majesty of the beings that once inhabited our planet, such as dinosaurs. This form of artistic expression is based on precision, accuracy, and clarity, serving as a bridge between the human imagination and scientific reality.

Steps to follow to make the drawing

For the creation of scientific drawings, the graphite pencil and the colored pencil are versatile and precise tools. It allows the artist to create detailed images with a wide range of tones and textures. Meticulous control of pressure, stroke, and technique is essential to capturing authenticity and anatomical precision.

Practice and discover your style as a scientific and artistic illustrator with this series of four Realistic Dinosaurs books. Unleash your technical and creative potential!